Hook Mash
Charter Fishing
(443) 336-3011

Bring a cooler for food
and drinks. Leave a cooler
in your car, to take your fish
home in.
A sports bag is a good
idea to bring for carrying
your rain gear, hat,
glasses etc and other
personal items that you
need on a saltwater
charter fishing trip.
Bring all your food and
drinks.  Beer, Soda, water
and please NO GLASS

If you will be fishing in foul
or rainy weather then you
may want to bring some
gear to keep you dry. Not
as important on boats with
covers. The Hook Mash
has shelter.
Bring sun glasses.
Preferably polarized fishing
glasses to lessen the sun's
Bring a camera or video
camera to take snapshots
of those big fish you catch
or video of the beautiful
Chesapeake Bay & Virginia
A hat or ball cap is a good
idea, especially for you
guys that are getting a bit
thin on top. Protect your
head from the sun's rays.
If you get sea sick or aren't
sure if you get sea sick
then it is a very wise idea
to take your Dramamine
before you leave the dock.
Nothing can ruin a fishing
trip worse than a guy
named "RALPH".
Make sure you bring
sunscreen, especially if you
easily burn. If you are burnt
up you can't enjoy your
fishing trip
Mate on a charter boat is
not easy work and these
guys deserve every dime
they get. Tip them well!